Annual Civil Trial Competition

     Purpose of the competition

It’s estimated that about 95% of civil cases end in pre-trial settlements. As a result, attorneys who work with civil cases may go a year or more without trying a case in front of a live jury.  So, to better strengthen the bar, hosts an annual civil trial competition for practicing attorneys.

Applying to become a participant

Applicants are solicited between May and June of each year, but interested parties are welcome to submit interest statements at any time throughout the year by sending an email directly to Attorney Trey Ross at

The competition takes place during the summer in July or early August depending on the availability of the Mock Trial Courtroom of the State Bar of Georgia.

Participation in the competition is free, and admission is free to the public.

Trying the case 

Applicants who are selected are provided with the evidence they need to try their cases, and are assigned a mock witness who is usually a professional actor chosen from Atlanta’s booming film industry. While some evidence is provided upfront (e.g., deposition transcripts, discovery responses, and photographs), the attorney is expected  to use his/her own judgment to determine what additional evidence is necessary to prove or disprove the case at trial. Further, the participating attorneys draft their own pretrial statements, request authentication of records, and argue any motions in limine presented by the parties.

At trial, the attorneys and witnesses will engage in every aspect of litigation (except voir dire), and try the case in front of live jury of six to 12 people. The jury selects the winner, and determines whether damages will be awarded to the Plaintiff.

The competition is professionally filmed, and the full film is provided to the attorneys and the actors involved.

BL 2019 CTC Flyer

Download PDF of flyer by clicking here: BL 2019 CTC Flyer